Colorado Elogic Evaluation Network (CEEN)

CEEN is a network of Colorado-based Human Services providers whose leaders come together on a regular basis to improve our evaluation practices for the resiliency of our organization, the people we serve, and the people who work for us.


CEEN exists to promote and foster the use of the eLogic Model ManagerĀ® evaluation system for human service providers, to improve, track and report on organizations' collective social impact.


CEEN will be a nationally recognized expert in eLogic Model ManagerĀ® and a leader in fostering effective, efficient, outcome-based approaches for human service organizations.

Because of the work of CEEN, agencies throughout Colorado will utilize eLogic to measure program impact and improve programs, thus improving the lives of their consumers.


Evaluation assists agencies in determining efficiency and effectiveness of their services.

Evaluation data are vital for documenting program impact; for knowing how and when to improve programs; and for providing an incentive for individuals to improve their circumstances.


Don Burnes:;303-388-6900

Liddy Romero:; 720-519-3056

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